Anatolia poppy seeds

Our specialty is key knowledge of growing poppy seeds in Anatolia (Turkey) and the Czech Republic. Sumeco & Partners work closely with farmers. We study outcomes and adjust the process to produce top-quality poppy seeds.

Today Anatolia poppy seeds are usually white, yellow, grey, coffee-coloured, blue or dark blue but black and all other colours also exist. Here you can see in which district in Turkey each colour of poppy seed is grown.

Crude poppy-seed oil is made from yellow poppy seeds. The oil is transparent, greasy, sweet and agreeable. It is durable and does not readily turn rancid. It has a nutty taste, which might not appeal to unaccustomed consumers but will grow on you until you come to love it.

100 kg of seeds gives approximately 40 kg of oil and the remaining 60 kg is turned into oil-cakes. Oil-cakes are excellent as cattle feed due to their high protein value. Nothing is wasted. The average oil content of the seeds varies from district to district.